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In the following pages, we hope you get to know the band.  Check out our Bio's & Music.  On our Music page you will find links to our original music, lyrics, books, lead sheets, and more available for download.  You can visit our store to make donations to the ongoing work of our ministry, or purchase merchandise that helps our ministry to grow.  Look around.  Let us know what you think, and feel free to contact us anytime.
-The Buskirks  

Lets Worship Togerther! 

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Evermore: Worship has been released on all major digital platforms.  You can find the album by following the links above to your favorite music store.  It has been relaesed on about 30 platforms, so search your favorite store and start streaming it today. 

Since this albums inception, it has been viewed as an outreach tool.  We encourage you to gift the album to your friends and neighbors that may not be familiar with liturgical worship.  When I was new to the church, I found liturgical worship uncomfortable, because I was not in tune with what was happening.  When I found Peace Lutheran, I found liturgical worship done right.  They were singing Marty Haugen's beautiful "Mass of Creation".  That is what bridged the gap for me to make liturgical worship understandable and palatable to me.  We desire for this CD to do the same for others, and to share with them a deep faith.  We desire to reach out to those who may never have experienced liturgical worship.  We desire to show the world the beauty of liturgy, and how the biblical text and music go hand in hand.  We hope this CD brings others into the church through the creation of this music.  Evermore Worship is a contemporary mass based around an open chord structure so that it has the feel and sound of contemporary and reverent praise and worship music in liturgical form. Intercutting the original liturgy with new songs, prayers, creeds, and blessings; "Worship" is a concept album that will bless you in unexpected ways.  

Below are two links provided by Bishop Michael Rineheart, the fist is his kind endorsement of the CD, and the second is his excellent blog post that helped inspire the creation of this project.  We pray that this project reaches the "outsiders", and we pray that we become a beacon of light that welcomes people from all different walks of life, just as Christ taught us.

Thank you again for all your love and support, and we hope to see you all soon!!!

Bishop Mike's Blog about Worship Insiders and Outsiders Part I Insiders and Outsiders Part II

Evermore Worship Release party. 

We had a get together this weekend with many of those involved with the "Worship" project.  We gathered for food and to pray together that this project would bring people close to Christ.

Thank you again to all those involved: Toni BowmanJudy EtzelMike Furin, Tom Lewis, Shelley Ural, Ed BuskirkKimberly Etzel BuskirkDawn Hagemeister LambertChris HamblenAndie McKenzie TroutmanTom Troutman, and a special thanks to Father Reid Morgan, Pastor Rodwell Thom, and Bishop Michael Rinehart. We also would like to thank our congregations for their love and support durring this process, so a very special thank you to St. John's La Porte, and Peace Lutheran Church, where the Worship liturgy is played weekly. Come join us for "Worship"

We appreciate you all.


Here we are at the CD release party.Thank you so much to all those who participated. Worship will be released across multiple platforms at midnight. We pray that this project, can be used to bring the light of Christ to a hurting world.  

"Worship" available for pre-order at the Amazon MP3 store  

"Worship" is now available for Pre-order at the Amazon MP3 store. You can hear some of the spoken words tracks in their entirety, and listen to clips of the songs prior to release.  Give it a listen, and worship with us...



Get Ready to "Worship" 

Well it is official.  The new CD is completed.  It looks like we have met the deadline to have physical copies available at the KLAS Benefit on August 22nd. The album should appear on all major digital platforms on 8/18/15.

This concept album has been a long time in the making, and we cant wait for you to experience it with us.  The CD run time is just over 61 minutes, and contains 28 tracks.  14 new songs that showcase how we worship, and what we believe.  Each song is surrounded by prayers, creeds, blessings, and readings.  We were blessed to have so many of our friends participate in the recording with us.  It makes for a very special listening experience, and we hope it blesses your lives in the same way that it has blessed ours.  

If you are interested in having us play for your group or event, or if you would like to worship with us live at your church or hometown.  Reach out to us through our contact links on our website or through our facebook page.  We serve with humble hearts and are humbled to serve our Lord through ministry.

Hope to see you all on the road soon!



Recording Update: Finishing up this week! 

We are finished with almost all the recording work.  We will be recording Bass Vocals and some Lead guitar this week, then we will focus on mixing and mastering the new CD.  We should have a hard release date for you soon, but look to mid-August to have your copy of Evermore "Worship".  There will be 28 tracks on the complete "Worship" CD:

  1. Prelude: The Rock
  2. Confession & Forgiveness
  3. Gathering Song: Gather us Together
  4. Greeting
  5. Kyrie
  6. Glory To God
  7. Prayer of the Day & Readings
  8. Gospel Acclamation
  9. The Holy Gospel
  10. Gospel Response
  11. Sermon Blessing
  12. Sermon: Carry Me Home
  13. The Apostles Creed
  14. Prayers
  15. Offering: Let it Fall
  16. Offeratory
  17. Prayer & The Great Thanksgiving
  18. Holy Holy
  19. The Words of Institution & The Lords’ Prayer
  20. Lamb Of God
  21. Communion Hymn: Live Again
  22. Communion Hymn: Loved By You
  23. Post Communion Prayer
  24. Sending Song
  25. Prayer After Communion
  26. Blessing
  27. Sending Hymn: Take My Hand
  28. Dismissal
We are looking forward to sharing this with you soon so stay tuned!!

Thank you to our friends in Cameron for a great 4th of July celebration 

Thank you all for having us.  Great people, Great fellowship, and Great food.  What more can you ask for....oh yes a playground for the kids to stretch their legs on after a long road trip.  We had a great time playing and singing with all of you, and the kids were able to see fireworks all the way back to Houston!!  We could not have asked for a better 4th of July.  thank you for having us!

Its all Happening! 

We finished recording all of the Bass & Rhythm Guitar tracks for "Worship".  Kim is busy designing the CD album art and we will be doing another vocal recording session tomorrow and again on July 3rd.  Alan and Dawn will be in next week to put in strings and keys.  

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, but we started discussions last night of making worship available in 3 versions.  One version will be the complete CD that I have been envisioning since the start.  That version will contain the entire liturgy with readings and liturgical music (28 tracks in all).  We could also have another version that would have just the music/liturgical songs (14 tracks).  

Either way we go, there would be an additional version available through the website for other churches highlighting the liturgical music alone for those wanting to bring the "Worship" experience into their own congregations.  There will also be downloadable versions on the scores and lead sheets for the liturgical pieces.  This will be primarily for other worship groups who want to celebrate and "Worship" along side us in their home congregations.

Please let me know your thoughts on the different versions of the CD....


Recording for Evermore Worship 

The recording of the next project is well underway.  I laid down 6 guitar tracks last night, and plan to do another 6 or so tonight.  Kim and I will be putting down Lead and Backing Vocals On Saturday.  Keep this project in your prayers.  We believe that God is going to use this music, and this Liturgy to touch lives in new and unexpected ways.


Evermore Mailing List

To be added to our mailing list please fill out the information below. We will not share your information with anyone. We will however keep you posted on what is happening with the ministry. You are also welcome to drop us a line at evermoreministries@yahoo.com