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Kim's new Blog comming soon 

Due to the success of Kim's book Lifesong, we are setting her up a page on the website dedicated to her blog and writings.  It is currently under construction, but will be up soon!  Check in, and check it out!

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We know that we have the best fans in the world, and we know you are always willing to help.  This is so easy.  Today (1/27/16) when you share this link, Bell will donate .05 cents to Mental Health research for every share or re-tweet.  It does not take a lot of effort on your part, but the research could help everyone.  Just click on the link below to share and or donate!


Thank you,

Happy New Year! 

We just want to say a big thank you, to each and every one of you, for making 2015 so successful. From all of the outreach, the success of the Worship project, the online store and revamped website, to all of those who touched by Kim's book, we thank you for your love, loyalty, and support. Most important were those of you who we got to meet in person and online. These friendships and connections are what make all of this worth doing. We have a lot of exciting things planned this year including a new album and a new book, so Happy New Year and welcome to 2016!

Review "Lifesong" on Amazon and recieve a free digital download. 

For those of you who have already purchased your copy of "Lifesong", run over to the Amazon.com and write a review.  When you do, simply log on to our website or our facebook page, send us your e-mail, and we will send you a free digital download to the Album of your choice!

The reviews are coming in, and they are stellar so far!  Help us to get the word out!!!

Log on to Amazon and rate the book now for your free digital download.

If you have not purchased your copy yet, do so.  The first printing is going quick!!


Amazon Book of the month....Lifesong 

Congratulations to the lovely and talented Kimberly Etzel Buskirk. Her new book Lifesong has been selected by the editors at Amazon as one of the "Book of the Month" selections.

Buy a copy today and find out what the buzz is all about. And start getting your "I knew her when" stories ready!

Lifesong: Kim's New book is now available!! 

I cant imagine being prouder of my beautiful bride as she shares with the world her struggles of living with Bipolar Disorder, and bravely casts aside the stigma of living with a mental illness to share a story of faith, hope, and love.  Her story will surely touch your life.  I recommend this book as I believe the themes are relevant to  everyone of faith, but If you know anyone who is struggling with a mental illness, or loves someone who is, this book is a must read.  I admire her more every day.   

Kim's New book, Lifesong: The Rhythm of Living with Bipolar Disorder, is now available through the Kindle Store at the link below.  You may also purchase a physical copy through our online store, and when you do, you will receive a free digital download of the Unconditional album.  The physical book will also be available through online retailers including Amazon, by the end of the week.


Explaining Liturgical Worship (part 1) 


Good Morning True Believers,

We begin this morning’s examination of the Worship album by starting this new blog series that will examine each part of the service as it corresponds to the new CD.  This morning’s focus will be on the prelude, but before we get to the prelude, let’s talk a bit about corporate worship.  As always, your comments and discussion would be appreciated.

Corporate Worship as we understand it, is the time each week when we get to come before God and each other to celebrate what the Lord has done for us and what the Lord is doing within us.  It is a time that we examine our place in the world, and where we allow Gods message to pour over us through the Word, the sermon, the sacraments, and also through the music.  We will look at the service in three sections:  first Confession, then the Word, and finally Communion.  Not every church follows this order, but this is the order in which the CD was laid out, so it will give us a common starting point.

Being a musician, it may come as no surprise that I feel closest to my Lord when I am playing or singing.  A great deal of my spiritual mountaintop experiences, have occurred in the midst of a song.  Many of the times that I have heard Gods voice speak to me clearly were in the music.  That music has taken on a wide variety of styles.  Once while singing the Handels’ “Messiah”, I could swear that there were Angels surrounding us and singing with us.  I get goose-bumps to this day just thinking about it.  Once, long after my marriage had ended and during a very dark period of my divorce, I took such great comfort in the words of Marty Haugen’s Night of Silence, that tears started streaming down my face while playing it.  I clearly heard God tell me to pay attention to the lyrics, and let He let me know that He was there with me, and there was hope.  The song still effects me the same way every time we play it.  And I look forward to that comfort every year as we anticipate the birth of the savior. That being said this discussion will mainly be a commentary on the music and the way that it supports the elements of worship, so without further ado, let’s get started.

Our service first begins with a prelude.  For us, it is a time to reflect on Gods mercy and a time "to open our hearts and minds to worship".  It is in these quiet moments of refection that we draw ourselves close to hear what God will be telling us.

Worship is not a passive experience, but an active one that engages our hearts through music, our minds through the Word, and our spirits through the sacraments.  It is the first commandment.  Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and spirit.  Relationships at their core are based on open and honest communication.  To achieve that you must first open yourself up to the other person, you must give yourself over.  In the world in which we live where information overload from the 24 hour news cycle overwhelms us, there can be no better way to connect with the One who made us, than to slow ourselves down, and empty our minds and focus on Christ, and the cross.  To truly hear what the Lord might be telling us, we must be ready to listen actively.  That is what the prelude is all about.  The Prelude sets the stage active listening to begin.  It begins us on the journey so that the relationship with our Lord and Savior may grow, and we may be fed...heart, mind and spirit.


New Music on the website  

Good morning everyone,  we are excited to announce some special features that are available to those who download the new music from our website.  We have embedded lyrics to each downloadable track, and we have added a digital booklet containing the full "Worship" service and liturgy available for download with purchase of the new album available on the website now!!!

Furthermore we are excited to announce that although we could not offer "free" tracks on i-tunes, we are happy to announce that every spoken word track on the new CD is available absolutely free on our website.  We will be featuring and talking about a different free track every couple of days, and talking about the way that it fits into a liturgical service for the next few weeks.  For those of you, not familiar with liturgical worship, this will give you an opportunity to ask questions and discover an additional way to worship our Lord., For those of you familiar with this traditional worship, we will get to look at it in a new and exciting way, so stay tuned.

Exciting news. Kim's Christian themed novel coming your way!!! 

It never ceases to amaze me to see God at work.  I often find God in a new song, in a powerful sermon, or in a quite moment of study and prayer.  Recently however, I was handed a novel written by none other than the beautiful and talented, Kimberly Buskirk.  The novel itself, follows a spiritual journey of life, love, and the unconditional love that Christ intends for us.  You are all aware of how good a writer she is, but her novel blew me away.  I have been on such a spiritual mountaintop after reading it, that i just had to shout it out loud to all of you.  It is topical while remaining timeless.  It has a strong female protagonist (and that is a blessing for those of us dads who love our little girls) who finds strength in Christ to become the person God is calling her to be.  I cannot wait until you all get the opportunity to read it.  I have to say that I am very proud of my bride for continually reflecting the love and light of Christ in new and creative ways.  I wish I could tell you more, but I want you to discover it for yourself.

We have a few opportunities for distribution that we are considering, but I believe this novel will be heading your way very soon, so stay tuned!!! 

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